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BMW Connected.

BMW Connected helps you to use your time optimally. The app provides traffic alerts paired with a time-to-leave notification, ensuring you arrive at your destination on time. It assists in planning your daily engagements, assuring you’ll make your next business meeting.

New in town? With BMW Connected, you’ll feel at home in a new place. Finally, the BMW Connected App remembers frequently visited places allowing it to provide you with further time optimising notifications.

“The new 5 Series Sedan is at the leading edge of technology when it comes to driver assistance and connectivity. So it promises to remain the most successful business sedan in the market.”


Driving Assist Plus.

The BMW 5 Series takes driver safety to new heights while taking a great stride towards fully autonomous driving.

The optional Driving Assist Plus safety package includes a host of state-of-the-art features. For example, the Lane Departure Warning system operates between 70 - 210 km/h. If its camera detects lane straying, it actively helps the driver steer back on course with smooth and seamless steering interventions.

Lane Change Warning steers the vehicle back into its lane if its sensors detect another vehicle in the next lane.

Side Collision Warning operates at speeds between 30 - 210 km/h and warns drivers via a visual signal or steering wheel vibration if another vehicle is encroaching from the side.

Parking Assist Plus with Remote 3D View.

The optional Parking Assist Plus with Remote 3D View enables automated parking with the greatest of ease in both parallel parking spaces and perpendicular or angled spaces.

With Remote 3D View, three-dimensional views of the BMW 5 Series’ surroundings can be streamed to the owner’s smartphone with the help of the BMW Connected app.

Additional features.

The additional storage compartment in front of the cup holders can be specified with an optional wireless charging function for mobile phones. The feature includes a wireless charging dock and additional USB ports while a roof aerial connection improves mobile reception.
Does a parking spot seam tight? With Remote Control Parking, all the driver has to do is position their BMW 5 Series in front of the desired parking space, climb out and then manoeuvre the vehicle into the space using the Display Key.
The optional full-colour BMW Head-Up Display provides drivers of the BMW 5 Series with important information in their field of vision. The information includes current driving speed, speed limits, telephone and entertainment lists, and information and alerts from the various driver assistance systems.
The multifunctional instrument display ensures the driver has the choice of different views according to the selected Driving Experience Mode. Each one has its own colour for maximum safety, particular comfort and a unique driving experience.
Renowned for delivering the ultimate in listening pleasure, the optional Bowers and Wilkins Sound System with diamond tweeters is currently exclusive to the BMW 5 Series. The 10-channel amplifier feeds a total of 16 speakers with brushed stainless steel grilles sporting the exclusive Fibonacci-patterned holes, which illuminate when the system is switched on. Its total 1400 watts output is nothing short of spectacular.

Find out more about the BMW 5 Series’ striking Design.

The design of the BMW 5 Series exudes athletic prowess, elegance and assertiveness. It is the modern embodiment of the quintessential business sedan.

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Find out more about the BMW 5 Series’ exceptional Performance.

The BMW 5 Series boasts powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo engines, intelligent lightweight construction, Integral Active Steering, and an Adaptive Mode. Are you ready for the ultimate athletic driving experience?

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